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Welcome to Mototouring!

 Mototouring is a truly international motorcycle touring company with over 25 years of adventure touring in Europe, Africa, Central and South America. Eligio Arturi, the multi-lingual leader removes all the mysteries and logistical nightmares to ensure that your adventure is really a unique vacation, which will leave you with incredible memories. You will be immersed in foreign cultures, dine on savory regional cuisine, and enjoy riding through historic locales.

eligio arturi


MV turismo veloce

Thanks to the agreemet with DePetri Adventure, from the 14th to the 21st of November 2015 we will offer a full week in Sicily with the new MV Turismo Veloce 800


Burt on Ducati 175

2016 Vintage Tours  the programs are ready !!


 Italian Factories Tour, see what Dexter Ford says on Rider Magazine !



 Benelli Tour, see what Richard Bakus says on Classic Motorcycle USA



benelli vintage tour


 Wonderful time spent through the hills around Pesaro and Tavullia, Valentino Rossi's home village and visiting unbelivable collections, enjoy some pictures !!!


 - See the Old Ladies class

save money and enjoy the wonderful Italian roads

Riding in Italy is a great experience, can we try to convince you to come and ride with us?



Take a look at our Google Mapped web site !!

Coming on our trips strange things may happen !! 1 - 2

Bike transport Milan - Bologna - Florence - Rome
Motorcycle storage in our depot in Milan

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Mototouring operation time:
from Monday to Friday from 9 to 18
Saturday from 9 to 13
Saturday afternoon and Sunday closed
pick-up /drop-off upon reservation