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Classic fleet

In our Classic Motorcycle Tours we use our fleet is composed by a small qualified number of motorcycles, 10/12, that we have purchased for the different features of each bike: we are thinking to the BMW, classic and ethernal or the Morini, very “Italian” and very reliable or the MV with its fashion or the Laverdas with the wonderful and powerful engine or the Honda for the pleasure and the easiness of riding those bikes. The fleet may change depending on the seasons, some bikes may be sold and some others may be purchased always trying to keep that number and type of motorcycle , in genearl from the 70’s and the 80’s

The way we ride is slow and easy and depending on the weather we decide the add some extra visits and or unplanned detours always keeping the program well in mind .

In general is also possible to change the bikes among the group if people agreed.



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